Residential Shade Sails

Enhance your home with a range shade solutions to suite your shading needs from standard triangular sails to custom made sails to fit any area.

Enhance Your Home

Patio Shade

Patio shade sails are ideal shading, custom made to fit your patio area perfectly. a Fully shaded patio area with good air circulation. Protect your space with the use of a four point or triangular shade installation.

Car Park Shade

Car shade solutions, replaces the old shade port / carport look with something more practical and unique. Our Shade Sails can be custom made to fit in front of your garage for one or multiple cars.


With a balcony installation we relay on poles. The shade sail will cover a good amount of area on your balcony by bending and/or angling them we maximize the cover area for more shade.

Swimming pool Shading

Perfect swimming pool shade. Reduce the radiant heat that reflects off the pool surface and protect your loved ones from the extreme heat making it enjoyable throughout the day.

Entertainment areas

Custom shade sails for your entertainment area can create a clean area that does not take away the natural feel of being outdoors.

Shade Solutions For Your Home



Shade Sail Design offers offers a wide range of different Shadeport options for our clients with a steel framework and shade sail that provides 90-95% UV sun block out, our shadeports are the best option to protect your vehicles from the sun and hail.

Shade Port Solutions