Although there are material available to make shade sails waterproof, it is highly recommended that you do not use waterproof material because there is a high possibility of water damming up on the sail, shade sails are not pulled over a structure.
Yes, every component we use on the shade sails is graded and we over spec the items to ensure its strong enough for harsh conditions, but there is however exceptions, some weather conditions are very extreme and failures can accure due to weak walls or perhaps soft soil where poles have been installed. Its recommended to add your shade sail to your insurance.
Yes, but as long as we stay within our limitations. Shade sails can be made to fit any shape or size, we can custom make sails with multiple fixing point or if you like just your standard 4 or 3 points, custom shade sail also do not need to have al it’s sides the same, it can have different size sides, we can make sails any size from 3m to 9m.
It will all depend on the size of the area and the design of the sail or sails. Some areas have walls to install onto and some areas are completely open, for open areas we will need to install poles. Depending on the amount of sails a normal 100 square area can be designed to have up to 4 sails, meaning we will need to use at least 9 poles. But we can help with designing cost effective solutions too.
Again it depends on the design and how much of the area we can cover. But the material is fantastic for shade, it has a UV protection of about 98% meaning it has about a 95% shade factor, it allows just enough light to come through the material but keep all the heat out. We have many colors to choose from but for optimal shade we will always recommend light colors as it tends to reflect the heat, where dark colors naturally absorb the heat.
We estimate shade sails will last more than 10 year, because our fabric supplier warrants the material for 10 years against deterioration and because everything on the shade sail is designed to last, from our stainless steel hardware/tensioners to the 1,2 ton webbing in the seams to the UV stabilised thread we use to stitch our sails.
Yes, because it’s an outdoor product it will be subjected to the conditions and needs to be hosed down from time to time, but the rain season will surely help in the task. Maintenance is also required especially on really big sails, it is recommended to make sure the sail is tensioned at all times, but Shade Sail Design will always available to assist with servicing and tensioning of your shade sail. Just call and we will be there.

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